Always Verify!

I just had this feeling, so I decided to call SHARE (the distributor of Sabril) to check on our order.  Turns out that the doctor left something incomplete on the paperwork that was faxed Thursday, and SHARE faxed it back to them on Friday and never got a response, so they didn’t ship the medication.  After a couple calls back and forth, the lady at SHARE checked with their pharmacist and they decided to go ahead and ship to me.  It turns out if you call on a weekend, they can ship same day, but if it’s a weekday, it’s 2-day.  So, she said if I wanted I could wait till tomorrow (Monday) and it would arrive on Tuesday, or I could order it today (Sunday) and have it tonight (Sunday night).  I didn’t even know same day shipping was possible, so I questioned the cost, thinking it was going to be totally outrageous.  But, she said that it was no additional cost.  ???  Not sure how that can be, but obviously I took that option!  It should be here by 9 tonight.  It’s 8 p.m. now, and I feel like a kid at Christmas.  I just can’t wait!  I’m hoping and praying this will work for my baby Z!  (I’m still terrified if it doesn’t, but I’m trying to stay positive).

New Medication: Sabril (vigabatrin)

Well, our new neurologist ordered a new medication for baby Z to fight these spasms. It’s called Sabril (vigabatrin). It’s a very specialized medication, so it can’t be ordered from any pharmacy. It only comes from the company itself, through it’s SHARE program. It should be here within a couple of days. I hope it’s baby Z’s magic drug!