I know I haven’t updated this blog in a long time, but our little lovebug started having seizures again this past November.  It was hard to see him go through it again, and we have been trying everything to get them to stop.  Unfortunately, they haven’t.  He has now failed multiple medications and the medical (keto) diet, not to mention countless other changes we’ve made and tests we’ve done.  But, after multiple hospitalizations, we have discovered that he is a good candidate for surgery.

We met with the neurosurgeon yesterday for the first time.  I had been stressed about this appointment for weeks.  But, I actually felt a lot better after speaking to him.  The good news about it (without getting too technical) is that the surgery has a good chance of stopping all of the seizure activity, which stops his brain from being damaged, and also stops the seizures from eventually damaging other parts of his brain.  The other good news is that younger children are good candidates for this because their brains are able to fairly easily transfer the function from one side of the brain to the other.  It’s actually quite amazing (when you aren’t thinking about how it applies to your own child).

But, after the discussions with our neurologist and the neurosurgeon, we really feel like this is the best option… and really the only option for any kind of possible resolution.  Although we are confident in the decision, it still just sucks to have to choose a surgical resection for your child.  This isn’t like an appendectomy or even like repairing a hole in the heart.  It’s extreme.  But we are trying to give our little lovebug every chance for a long and happy life.

It will be a 2-part surgery, and the total hospital stay will likely be under 10 days, with a month-long recovery at home.  The surgery will take place in November, so please keep our little lovebug (and our family) in your thoughts and prayers.   Thanks.

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