Bills… Bills… Bills…

Well, we’ve started getting all the bills now.  The first hospital stay at Texas Children’s was over $20k.    Needless to say, we’re so far past the point of meeting the deductible that now we’re past the out of pocket maximum.  So, from now, for the rest of the year, everything is “free”.  Ha.  Free.  That is, once we actually get it all paid.  Not that I’m complaining.  Really.  I’d do anything for my little guy.  But, it’s just something we hadn’t prepared for, and it’s just one more thing to stress about.

My husband’s company is getting purchase officially later this month.  We just changed insurance this past January and I feel like I just got the hang of all the changes, and now it will be changing again.   They tell us that the new insurance will honor the deductibles we’ve met this year till year end.  We’ll see.  It makes me nervous.  I mean, I know we’ll start over again in January, but I’m really hoping we don’t start over in September and also again in January.  Crossing fingers!