I didn’t know what I’d been missing

Until  yesterday when I was pushing a shopping cart around the store, and a little flat hand reached out and touched mine.   I didn’t realize Z had never reached down and held my hand, until he actually did it.

sniff, sniff  (happy tears)  🙂


Then today I was holding him on my hip as I was talking to his sister, and he reached his arm all the way out and started flipping the light switch on and off.  I know it doesn’t really sound exciting, but it was! The fact that he reached his arm all the way out (instead of trying to touch his mouth and the switch at the same time), and that he used and bent two fingers to flip the switch… it was just amazing!


His OT says he has tactile aversion, meaning he doesn’t like touching certain things with his hands, or having his hands touched.  She said it could be that the seizures had affected certain nerve endings making them more sensitive than for most people.  That has made teaching him to self-feed pretty difficult.  She started him out with this little alligator vibration tool for him to hold, which did amazing things.  It was as if the vibration woke up his hands each morning and then he would start using his hands more.  Then she brought dry beans and rice to get him used to putting his hands in that texture.  At first he was very resistant, and wanted nothing to do with it.  But, now, he crawls right up to it and dives both hands in.


The therapies are working!  Yay!