2nd Opinion?

You know, with all the doctor’s we saw at our two stays at Texas Children’s, and the fact that we were following up with one of them who was familiar with baby Z’s case, it never really occurred to me to get a second opinion. I mean, we saw multiple fellows, attendings, and of course, tons of residents. Plus, where else was I going to find specialists in pediatric (infant) neurology. I thought we were where we were supposed to be. I thought we had the best of the best.

But, strangely enough, a second opinion just sort of fell in my lap. (Really. It’s a strange story that I’ll share with you soon.)

Anyway, now all the sudden baby Z has a 23-hour EEG scheduled for this week at another hospital with a specialist in pediatric neurology, and who further specializes in infants with epilepsy and Infantile Spasms.

I guess we’ll have our answers soon enough. I don’t want my baby to have IS, because it’s a worse diagnosis. But, if he does have it, the sooner he is diagnosed and treated, the better. If that’s not what it is, at least we’ll confirm it, and know that we need to try something else to help him. I just want him to get the help he needs.