We just met with Zane’s neurologist for a more in-depth conversation about weaning him off his last med, Topamax.     On this day before Thanksgiving,  I’m thankful we went. She was much more definitive about explaining that the side effects of the medication may be doing more harm than good, with respect to his development. So, we are now going to be progressing with the wean.

I’m still insanely nervous and will be looking into some new purchases that help detect seizures or at least a better monitor/camera for his room. But, I do feel better about it after our meeting.

It’s going to be a scary and exhausting few weeks till he’s weaned, and for months afterward, when the likelihood of seizures coming back is highest.  So please keep Zane in your thoughts and prayers!

5 thoughts on “Wean

  1. I too have a child with IS. My daughter turned a year in November and I have been trying to look for the comfort of recovery with this diagnosis, but just like you mentioned the parents that are in the midst don’t seem to find what we actually need to feel comfortable. I am new to this website but I think I will be checking in often to hopefully witness, through gods grace, a positive outcome with Zane and any other child diagnosed with IS. Thank you!

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