Priorities, people.

I think I’m in a mood today.  It’s not really that the poor speech score has really gotten to me.  We knew he wasn’t where he should be, and all I.S. babies have issues with speech, at least initially.  But, I’m easily annoyed today at people who don’t seem to have any real problems, so they choose to go under the knife.  It seems to be rampant here.  Boob jobs, nose jobs, botox… Ugh.  Come on people.  Your nose or your boobs or your wrinkles are really causing such problems in your life that you’ll choose to have someone cut you open with a scalpel or inject poison (botulism) into your face?  Plus, how do you explain that to your child whom you should be helping to grow their self esteem?  That’s not confusing at all for a poor kid trying to figure out life.

I guess it’s just that I spent an hour talking on the phone to a mom that I’ve gotten to know through the forums about her son, who’s just a little older than Zane.  Her son kicked his seizures and we celebrated.  Then, they came back.  Now she and her husband have rented a home in another state trying to get her son to the best doctors to try to kick the seizures again.  Another set of parents I know have a sweet baby girl who is still having seizures after one brain surgery and is about to go in for another.  Brain surgery… on a baby.  Then I have a good friend who’s 17 year old son was in a terrible car accident and has been in the hospital for months.  It was dire for a while, touch and go every day.  Thankfully he’s starting to recover.  The father of my daughter’s friend was killed in a car accident.  My husband has a co-worker from South Korea who’s mother was shot and killed while she held him as a baby, and later, as a young adult, he was imprisoned in North Korea for fighting for what he believed in.  Or, our old neighbor who’s beautiful, sweet, daughter has cystic fibrosis, and probably won’t make it past the age of 20.  I have heard so many terrible, heartbreaking stories.  So, when I hear people talking about choosing surgery, and putting their life on the line for beauty (or someone’s perception of beauty), it really gets to me.

Other things have been getting to me too.  Like complaining about a contractor who didn’t install the right rock around their pool, or whether or not to spend $150 on one pair of jeans for their elementary school child.  Or, people talking about how karma is going to come back to someone.  Or reality shows like the Real Housewives of anything or the Bachelor/Bachelorette.  Are these people for real?  Ick.

I know that people have problems of all types, and I certainly would never wish anything terrible to happen to anyone.  But, I wish people would wake up.  Life is good.  Or, at least it should be.  If it’s not, make changes.  But not surgically to your body.


Okay.  Vent over.  🙂  Stepping off my soap box.





Speech Therapy

We FINALLY had an appointment for speech therapy through ECI today.  Even though we have seen him progress from where he was when he was having seizures, he did not score very well.  He’s somewhere in the 3-6 month range (at 13 months).  They (ECI) finally seem to realize that they should proceed with therapy, though they made sure to note that it won’t look very scientific at this point.  It’s more like play.  But, they mentioned that sometimes kids will do better for someone who isn’t their parent.  (Boy have I learned that with a 9-year old! lol)


Playing with toys!

Now… I know most parents would not get as excited as I am about this.  It is routine.  It is expected.  It is certainly not something that would warrant it’s own blog post.  But for us, it’s not routine.  It’s EXCITING!

Z is playing with toys!

Right at this very moment, he is crinkling some appendage of his stuffed alligator, and it is music to my ears!!!  ♪♫♪♫♪♫♪


He is just starting to reach out to touch toys or to grab them.  I know most babies do this much sooner, and as I said before, it’s just ordinary.  But due to his months and months of seizures, he wasn’t able to do all the things that most babies get to do.  But, he’s doing it now, and we love it!!!  Go baby Z!  🙂  Perfect timing too… because he got gobs of fun stuff for his birthday!


He also learned to clap last week. So cute.