It’s always somethin…

Yesterday I also mentioned to the neurologist that baby Z had noisy breathing, and asked if that was a side effect of the new medication (Sabril).  She said no, that he was probably coming down with something, and that I should take him to his pediatrician.

I took him this morning and she could hear him, but checked his pulsox, which was 100%, so he wasn’t having trouble getting enough oxygen.  She used the tongue depressor to check his throat, and looked in his ears and nose.  She didn’t find anything, so she sent us for an x-ray of his throat.  When she got the results back from the lab, it said that the x-ray picked up something that was either an infection or something developmental.  She looked down his throat again, and said she doesn’t see an infection, so she referred us to an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) doc.

So, we’ll be heading there next week.