Feeling optimistic

We had several evaluations today. We saw a private company (rather than a state/federal funded one) for speech therapy and occupational therapy. Then we toured the autism facility where he will eventually get around 30 hours per week of communication / ABA therapy.

I don’t know why, after all our little guy had been through, but I was really dreading today. It sucks to meet someone and have them tell you where your child ranks developmentally. Especially considering how far behind our little man is in speech. I think his last evaluation, this last fall, he was ranked at just a 1-2 month level (at 18 months). But, he’s made slow and steady progress in speech. He’s still at least a year behind, but has made progress! So, that was good to hear! It also sucks to visit an autism facility and see the worst cases, not knowing what the future holds. But, I guess none of us know what the future holds. Plus, I actually liked the facility and the people, and it will be awesome to have one-on-one help geared specifically to Z.

We made it through the day, and now that it’s over, I actually feel relieved and a bit optimistic that we have a new plan. I think I tend to flounder a bit when we don’t have a plan. It still has a few kinks, it will take some time to implement, and it’s going to be expensive, but we have a plan. Phew!